Adjustment Factors (Bonus Points)

Bonus points can be gained, which increase your selection rank for entry to university courses.

Note this doesn’t increase your ATAR directly, but your selection rank which = ATAR + adjustment factors (bonus points).

Adjustment factors are given for academic merit-achieving bands 6,5,4, disadvantage (visit the UAC-EAS page),sporting excellence, regional bonus points, community service and they vary between universities and courses.

As an example, you can receive 3 bonus points for achieving band 6 in a related subject, 2 for band 5 and 1 for band 4.

There is usually a maximum limit on academic bonus points of about 5-6. Bonus points for disadvantage are additional but in total adjustment factors are usually set at a maximum of about 10.

For more information about bonus points see the links below

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