Career Influences

There are many influences on a Students career choice

image of main influences on career choice

Here are some of them:-

1.Parents/family/friends-and parents are the biggest influence.

2.TV and media-why do you think students often say they want to be Forensic Scientists, Lawyers,Doctors and Chefs!
Joking aside, most jobs aren’t as glamorous as they appear in the media and all involve some very basic tasks as part of the job. Also most people who work in so called high status jobs earn average salaries for that industry.

3.Past experience-of school, subjects, teachers and lecturers.

4.Happenstance-meeting someone unexpectedly or an event which has a big influence on you.

5.Work conditions-amount of annual holidays, LSL,sick leave you get and pay and hours of work.

6.Work that you don’t want to do or you don’t like the conditions of that work.

7.Promotional prospects, opportunity for travel, lurks and perks of the job.

8.Academic ability and of course your ATAR at the end of year 12.

9.Skills and knowledge that you have or don’t have.

10.Self confidence that you can do the job.

11.Your motivational level.

12.Career knowledge-having up-to-date career information. A lot of people just don’t know the career pathways available. This is the main aim of this site

13.Job vacancies now and in the future.

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