Career Pathways


There are many pathways to the career goal you want, you just have to take the time to discover them. This involves gathering information and deciding on which path you’d like to take. Of course the path you take can change and often does.

Examples of study pathways

School=>non-award study=>university degree

School=>university/TAFE/private college

TAFE=>university with some credit for work completed

Private college=>university

TAFE=> Private college=>university

Foundation program/Diploma=>2nd year uni course



Mature age =>university/TAFE/Private College

Non Award Study

This is a popular option if you are unlikely to obtain the ATAR needed for direct entry to the university course you want. It allows you to do some subjects of a degree and based on your results in those subjects, you may be able to entry the full degree.

Non-award Study-Macquarie university

TAFE to university

TAFE to University – have a look at these TAFE courses which give you entry into a university course without an ATAR, but with a TAFE qualification