Start-up terms

Common Terms

undergraduate-before you complete your first university degree you are doing an undergraduate course.
When you finish your degree you have a bachelors degree and can study post graduate courses.

graduate-someone who has finished a university course.

Educational Access Scheme-this is the program to gain extra ATAR bonus points if you have suffered some form of educational disadvantage during year 11 and /or 12.

UAC – University Admissions Center, where you apply to study an undergraduate degree in NSW.

School Based Apprenticeship (SBAT) – you can study an apprenticeship or traineeship while you are still at school completing years 11 and 12. You get paid for the days you work, which is one school day plus weekends. You attend TAFE one school day per week as well.

Record of School Achievement (RoSA) – if you leave school after year 10 but before finishing year 12 you will be eligible for a RoSA. It is an option in year 10 to sit the literacy/ numeracy tests which are 1 hour each.

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