International students and study in NSW

international students flying their national flag

International students have many study options in NSW

To study in Australia you will require a visa if you are a non-citizen. Once you’ve found a course, you then fill out a student visa application at You then need to have a medical examination and arrange health insurance before your visa will be issued.

International students can study at a NSW high school, do the Tertiary Preparation Certificate (the HSC equivalent program) at North Sydney TAFE, enrol in a Certificate or Diploma course at TAFE or do a University foundation program see SIBT or Insearch.

Macquarie University International students link.

University of Sydney Foundation program USFS

University of Sydney International students.

UNSW Scientia Test for year 11 students

University of NSW International students.

UTS International students

UWS International students.


TAFE to University pathways

International students need to be aware that school attendance and performance are taken into account when assessing your suitability for a TAFE course. 

If your attendance/performance is low, you may not even receive an offer to a TAFE course, so attend school and work hard !

Also students from different countries may have different entry requirements to TAFE courses as advised by the Immigration Dept.


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