By having these links here on the one page, it saves you having to search each university’s website for the scholarship link. Sometimes the link is buried deep in the universities website, and who has the time to search when you are busy studying for the HSC!

TAFE NSW Scholarships

TAFE enrolled Nursing Scholarships

Maquarie University Scholarships

University of Sydney Scholarships

UTS Scholarships

UNSW Scholarships


UTS Bachelor of Accounting


What is a good scholarship application?

1.Personal statement-
Know your audience-make sure your application is addressed to the correct audience.
Use creative writing- be engaging, use imagery, draw people in to want to read your application.
Write about family life, any extra curriculum activities you are or have been involved with, any obstacles you have encountered or are encountering in achieving your goals and how you overcame or are overcoming them.
State how experiences have affected your views and goals.
State how you stand out from others.
Show how you have been proactive outside of school.
Demonstrate your initiative by describing specific examples and roles.
Be brief, concise and use correct spelling and grammar.
Proof read your application and get others to proof read it as well.

2. Obtain letters of recommendation-from school staff, employers, mentors and coaches.

3. Provide documents/uploads as requested in the criteria of the application.

4.In choosing university course preferences put the particular university that you want to attend as your first preference.

Make sure you are aware of the deadline for application submission.