Year 10 Subject Selection

There is no doubt subject selection time is a daunting task, but remember to choose what subjects you like, what subjects you have ability for and what subjects fit into your career plans. You need to choose 12 units in year 11 and carry 10 units into year 12. It’s the 22 units that gives you the HSC. To receive an ATAR you have to choose ATAR subjects which can be all category A or include 2 units of category B subjects. If you don’t want an ATAR, because you don’t plan on going to university directly, then your subject choice can be more flexible and include content endorsed one year TAFE type subjects. Make sure you listen to what the Head Teachers have to say when they give their faculty talks to year 10.

I recommend to year 10 parents to purchase a copy ($6) of the ‘University Entry Requirements YYYY’ (that’s the year they’ll be going to university) for year 10 students, available from the UAC site at Click Schoolink and UAC Shop. It shows what school subjects are recommended for different university courses. It is a really good resource. It is also available in the resources below.

Three resources


from Universities Admissions Centre UAC