Is there a best university?

As long as the university has the course you are interested in, and you have the ability to complete that course and it fits in with your career plans then some of the differences between them that you might want to consider are :-

whether the course has internships available, if you can study overseas as part of your degree, is there any noticeable differences in lecturers, course content, assessment, transport to the campus and the ATAR cut-off.

You will need to do lots of research to find out any differences between unis and courses by talking to family and friends, attending one of the many career expos on each year, open days, information evenings, reading media articles, visiting websites, joining Facebook chat sessions and looking at some of the great resources I have included in this site (see the resources link).

 University course search

Search the UAC site for university courses by keyword, course code, institution, course name, ATAR cut-off or mode of study at uac

Links to the major metropolitan universities

Macquarie University

University of Newcastle
The Australian Universities Guide

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