Alternative entry to university

There are many ways to gain entry into a university course:

1. Direct entry with an ATAR that reaches the ATAR cut-off for that course. Apply through UAC.

2.Complete a TAFE or Private College Certificate 4 or Diploma and gain direct access to university with some credit or RPL. This is becoming a common pathway but still a lot of people don’t know about it. Be in the know, click TAFE to University.

3.Complete a Preparation, Foundation or Diploma course at university at SIBT at Macquarie University or Insearch at UTS or
UNSW Prep UNSW Foundation Studies at UNSW.

4.Commence a non award program of study and then transfer to a full degree on completion of those subjects.

5. Enter as a mature age student at 21-22. You will need to have done some study elsewhere or some work to gain entry. It isn’t just automatic entry just because you turn 21.

6. If you specifically wish to gain entry into a law degree and obtain an ATAR of at least 93 for the 2014 year then you can apply for the Macquarie University Pre-Law degree.

7. Macquarie University also have the Next Step program for those who haven’t had the opportunity to attend university by any other means. This is a full fee paying program.

Other MQ alternative entry programs can be found at

8. After completing year 11 enrol in the Certificate 4 Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC year 12 equivalent) or HSC with ATAR option at TAFE.

9. The University of Newcastle has the Newstep program for students without a HSC. This is a free program.

10. You could leave at the end of term 2 in Year 11 (2014) and start a full-time, 1 semester (6mths) TAFE Certificate 3 course during Semester 2. This will take 6 months or 1 semester. The following year (2015) you could enrol in a 1 semester full-time Certificate 4 course and then apply in 2015 for semester 2 university enrollment using your TAFE Certificate 4 as your entry qualification. By now you would be very employable with just your TAFE qualifications, so you may not wish to enrol in university but start earning money rather than going into debt. For most university courses you will require a TAFE Diploma to gain entry and a Diploma course takes 1 year full-time so you would enrol at uni in semester 2 2016.

11. University of Sydney alternate entry programs booklet.

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