Work experience

Students typically go on work experience for 1 week during year 10.
You must fill in the Student Placement Record (SPR) before you are legally allowed to commence work experience.
The SPR must be signed by the student, parent, employer and lastly the school.
A copy of the blue glossy ‘The Workplace Learning Guide for Employers’ is given to the employer by the student and they keep this. This outlines the insurance arrangements.
Sometimes an employer will request a Certificate of Currency from the school which provides details of the insurer.

All work experience and work placement forms and documents can be found here:-


You might be wondering why we have a work experience program that encourages students to spend a week with an employer of their choosing without pay.

Here are some benefits of having a work experience program:-

• To test out a possible future career choice
• To gain some transferrable employability skills
• To receive a reference for their resume
• To gain industry and professional contacts
• By being observed for a week, they might be offered a Xmas casual job
• Students observe the expectations of employers and the work place
• Students observe the dress code for that industry
• Practice travelling to and from work
• Form filling – students have to complete and return the Student Placement Record
• Practice making a phone call to a potential employer
• Be able to share their experiences with other students and family
• Be able to articulate their skills in an interview
• Learn to receive and act on orders given by a supervisor
• It is an opportunity to ask employees about their career choices
• Can find out about career pathways
• Learn how businesses operate
• Gives increased confidence that you can achieve work related tasks
• Gain confidence in working with adults in a work situation

Questions to ask your supervisor while on work experience
For an indication of what sort of questions you should ask while on work experience and to download a copy of a work experience diary visit the the ACTU website ACTU Worksite.

A sample of questions you could be asked at an interview:

Interview Questions

To help you prepare for work experience login and complete this work experience module